Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Final Journeys on exhibition

Pin It On exhibition in a joint show with photographer Harry Lock at the Fat Tuesday Gallery, Durban, starting Feb 24.

I have always found roadside memorials interesting and sad. Most of us end our lives in a hospital bed or at home; some of us leave this world in more violent or anguished circumstances. But for me, roadside memorials are one of the few places where we share the actual place where someone died, unlike a grave, where we mark someone's final resting place.

In remembering the place that someone died, as we speed past on some highway or byway there is a message - that life is fragile and easily taken from us.

This is an ongoing project and one where I eventually hope to contact the families who are left behind, and do a photographic study.

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EneMan said...

Wonderful photos, Peter. There are a few of these roadside memorials near my house and most are very young drivers. I have never stopped to look at them. The next time I drive by one I will have to look at them a little closer. Thanks.