Sunday, 4 October 2009

Community Chest

Pin It Every year, I do images for the Community Chest, an umbrella charity body in South Africa. It's been an important organisation in South Africa for many years, and it helps a wide variety of institutions and those in need - from the aged to the very young, from people whose bodies are just too old and tired to do what they once did, to those who are mentally challenged. It can be an emotional, yet rewarding job to enter into the lives of people with a camera. Cameras shield us temporarily from emotion, but with some of the images I shot this year, especially kids with autism, it was hard not to feel drained and tired for a few days after the visit.

But I'll let the images do the talking...

Nikon D700

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John said...

Peter :

As always, powerful work from you. I find that you are able to capture a essential humanity in your photographs that escapes many photographers, one that shows the situation of people, sometimes tragic, but also provides a context of dignity for each subject. Kudos to you for success with these people !

John P.