Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Waiting for the movies

Pin It I took this picture at the site of an old Drive-In cinema near Heilbron, a small rural town in the heart of South Africa. In the age of cable TV, DVD's and iPads, the drive in stands deserted literally as a dead skeleton, in a field, devoid of its flesh. Sad, in a way. I liked the Drive-In as a kid, all dressed in pajamas with popcorn in the back seat. Guess it's an age thing!

Both these images are the same. The first one has been traditionally processed, whilst the second had been given the Plastic Bullet treatment I used for the Italy images a few days ago on the blog. The second image looks as if it was a scene taken at the turn of the century and dug out of a museum archive.

Which do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

The second. I like the framing effect the most, and the colours are more appealing.

allen schultz said...

for those of us in the know (us photogs) we can see the 2° one is digitally pp. The truly old fotos are full of scratches, white spots, black marks &c. I prefer the first image, good B&W. Allen.rna

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climactix said...

Nice post Pete.
Although I prefer the first pic it would be remiss if I didn't suggest that the glass plate effect out-dates that of the drive-in itself... continuity :)