Monday, 21 May 2012

Back on the Streets with the G1-X

Pin It I'm really enjoying being back on the streets with the G1-X. It feels a lot safer to use on the streets than my big DSLR, especially in South Africa, and in the back alleys and small streets, where its often less than safe. It's nice to feel confident of image quality in a small camera. I'm mostly happy with it -I can live with the focus speed, I love the size and weight. As I've said before, it feels like a real camera. And few people actually notice it, which is nice.

I like to shoot in raw, so the one thing that really irks is that I cannot frame or view scenes on the LCD in black and white. The world looks different in black and white and it would have pre-visualised it as such.

There is quite a lot of mixed stuff in this post, from ladies doing lunch to the scary abortion posters that line the streets.


cnichols said...

Very nice series.

Peter Bendheim said...

Thanks so much!