Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Chilli Farmer

Pin It In northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a Chilli farming project has been undertaken by a group of mostly female farmers working on communal land, operating as a community farming project. It's an innovative self-help scheme in an area riddled with unemployment. I will tell the balance of the story in a future posting. The farmer in this image wears a white clay paste on her face which acts as a natural sunblock against the hot African sun.

Images for a book "Kaelo - Stories of Hope", published by Macmillan

Camera Nikon D2X.


Taylor A said...

I really enjoy the photos you have posted up here. They make me at the same time nostalgic for my time in Africa and more and more cognizant of the continuing problems throughout the continent...

I was wondering if I could nominate you for Best Photography Blog over at the Blogger's Choice Awards

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Good luck and I hope you rightfully win Best Photography Blog!


Peter Bendheim said...

Thanks. I feel most honoured. Please go ahead and nominate...Thanks so much for you kind words.

Taylor A said...

You've been nominated and got your first vote:

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Good Luck!