Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Downtown corner

Pin It In post-apartheid South Africa, downtown is evolving as a new breed of small business owner finds a place in the urban economy. In some streets, funky ethnic wear, traditional tribal medicines and more have found their way into tiny hole-in-the-wall shops.

Camera Nikon D40

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xxcuses said...

Hi there. I really enjoy your pictures and I found your blog through a comment you made about the camera in said post... The nikon D40.

I was hoping to tap on your knowledge of the camera, as you seem to know it well, but of course, only if you don't mind!

So here goes: I am very seriously considering getting the D40x, as I am an amateur photographer and would like my first DSLR. From what I have read, the D40x seems a really great camera for a starter. However, my only issue stopping me right now is that I presently have got 2 nikkor zoom AF-G lenses (used with a film SLR F65) and apparently, from what i gather, the D40x (as with the D40) is unable to mount anything other than the AF-S and AF-I. Please do correct me if I am wrong, as I really am not very sure and am quite confused by the technical terms, to be honest. It would be a waste then, if those cannot be used with the D40x.

As to why I'm really keen on the D40x, I find its size, weight, price and 10megapixels very appealing, as compared to say the D70 (which can mount the AF-G lenses).

I would really appreciate your advice and look forward to any you have to dispense. my email address is xiaoxuan.wang@gmail.com

Thanks so much in advance!