Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Jewels of the Imagination

Pin It Sometimes there are some very inspirational moments that go beyond the mere mundane, and photographing the artworks and space at the Umcebo Trust was one of those moments.

The Umcebo Trust (Umcebo is an isiZulu word meaning “treasure”) is a non-profit organization, registered in May 2003. The Trust aims to establish an inclusive studio workspace for people with special needs and other community members, to use and develop their artistic talents as a means of personal and creative development, as well as to generate income for them.

Umcebo is committed to the broader education and the development of skills for people with special needs, but also aims to include those who have various abilities – encouraging contact between all people no matter what their abilities. The idea is for participants to develop mutual understanding and awareness of each other in a mutual exchange of ideas and skills. The trust believes that personal empowerment and improved self-awareness is brought about through art, craft, creativity, learning and teaching.

The Umcebo Trust was established by Robin Opperman, a special needs Art teacher for thirteen years. Robin’s work with school students provided a working model for Umcebo. This work has resulted in a strong working relationship with the community as well as various organizations both here and internationally.*

The work is simply beautiful, imaginative and gleams and glows like a universe of jewels. Made from beads, glass, wood, recycled materials and community donations, it's a tribute to the imagination.

Some of Umcebo's work will be part of the Durban stand at the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show in London.

*Some of this text is from the Trust website

Camera Nikon D40

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Chris said...

It's great to see your work online again Peter! I hope this means that your life has stabilized. The theme of this set of images leaves me feeling fulfilled, and happy - especially juxtaposed with Street Justice post right below. Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere Peter. We miss you at the Cafe.